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Not Enough Men on the Field with Pants and Seth

Nov 30, 2021

The boys are back!! Where have they been? Dealing with our demons!!! This week Pants and Seth discuss the demise of the Steelers, Kareem Hunt's dad posting about Baker, Zach Wilson, Urban Meyer, Lamar Jackson and the Bucs almost drafting Jonathan Taylor!!
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Oct 28, 2021

Screw football this week. Pants and Seth talk about TV shows and the return of an all time great! CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. We discuss when we started watching, our favorite episodes of all time and we break down the season premier!! Rate us 5 stars!! 


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Jarritos is the...

Oct 13, 2021

Seth and Pants are back. Fresh with Jon Gruden ending his career! We go over the horrible things Gruden sent in emails over the last 7 years. We do our Throbbers or Jobbers of the week and we also hit on what team had the happiest shower of the week! This will be a patreon only show moving forward!

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Sep 21, 2021

Pants feels sorry for Carson Wentz and Andy Dalton. We talk about the ESPN broadcast with the Mannings and we discuss who is the greatest Manning? We go over what team had the best shower this week and Seth's wife calls him in the middle of the pod. What for?? LISTEN!!! 5 stars please!!! 


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Sep 13, 2021

Pants and Seth are back with actual football to discuss. Listen as they admit they don't know anything about football.  Do the Packers suck? Who is the most boring team in the NFL? Is Sean McVay in love with Matt Stafford? Matty Ice or Big Ben? And what games yesterday killed our Red Zone Vibe! 

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